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 I want to help your child feel: safer, calmer, stronger, happier with more peace, presence and ease 


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Would you like help with your Childs fear and anxiety?

Yoga meditation and mindfulness can help your child feel calm and safe so I have created a FREE & easy yoga sequence to help relax your child. Please sign up for your free downloadable PDF and for freebies coming your way. 

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Huba, aged 8


About our work    (aka joy)      @Little Brights

I teach private yoga sessions to children and I teach up to two children in one session and I’m now based in the Algarve, Portugal. I can teach in person from my villa in Lagos and online via Zoom. 
All children who can participate with Little Brights yoga classes are welcome and I’ve found that meditation yoga and mindfulness can truly enhance the lives of children.  
I've found that the practises I teach can help children with:  anxiety/group anxiety, depression, anger, autism, ADHD, pain and life challenges. 
Private sessions are great for working with a specific need and helping your child to progress and flower.   
At Little Brights, we love to engage children with really fun yoga games, thrilling yoga stories, animal yoga postures and child-like mindfulness & meditation practises. 
I teach all children that can participate between the ages of 5 - 12yrs and I like to divide the age groups between ages: 5-8yrs and 9-12yrs.
The yoga we teach at Little Brights is inspired by the natural world and so we teach wonderful animal postures and we journey to beautiful and serene places in the stories and meditations and we practise a range of different yoga asanas (postures). 
I have a full DBS check and I'm also a trained Hatha yoga teacher for adults. 
Thank you :)

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About me

Hi there my name's Jacinta and welcome to Little Brights.  

I truly believe in the healing power of yoga and mindfulness, which has also been scientifically proven. The plethora of health benefits include: increased strength, happiness, connection, calm, balance, peace, flexibly, posture, self-esteem and presence....(the list goes on)

I trained with 'Children do yoga' and I've been practising yoga for 10 years and I wouldn't be the same whole women I am today without it. I therefore want to share the gifts of Hatha yoga meditation and mindfulness with children and young people and I feel a lot of happiness when watching children flourish. 

Yoga is about the union of heart mind body and soul and nurturing this beautiful type of wholeness through practise - and I hope to share this with as many children as possible. 

This is also a very trying time where children have less connection and community due to Covid 19, and so I hope that I can help and inspire children with the healing power of yoga and mindfulness. 

I understand that every child is special and unique and I love engaging children with various types child-friendly yoga meditation and mindfulness practices and I want all children, who can participate, to be included and respected. Namaste, Jacinta.  


 Ciao from Little Brights x

Thank you for your time and visiting the site,  wishing you a lil' Brights happy day :)


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